new Grails plugin: Countries

A common requirement in many applications is to deal with countries and/or continents. The plugin’s goal is to apply the DRY principle to these requirements.

In short, the plugin offers:

  • populated domain classes for countries and continents
  • i18n for continent and country names (for now, only en and de locales). Currently there are 190 countries available.
  • tags for simple usage of
    • localized names for countries and continents
    • select boxes: for all countries, for all continents, for all countries of a continent or for a defined set of countries. The select box contents are automatically sorted by the the localized country/continent name.


For bug reports please use, project “GrailsPlugins”, component “countries”.

Update: since the initial release requires the usage of Grails 1.3.4-SNAPSHOT a bugfix release 0.1.1 has been release shortly afterwards. 0.1.1 should work with Grails >= 1.0.

4 thoughts on “new Grails plugin: Countries

  1. David Brown

    Hello Stefan, I have the countries 0.3 plugin working AFAIK. I am not getting any exceptions but the results are somewhat buggy:
    * GrailsUnitTestCase such as the following seem to show all is copacetic:
    assertEquals ‘United States of America’,
    * I have Grails standard CRUD: list, add, edit, show working with countries 0.3. On the list.gsp page the country column is empty if populated via Bootstrap.groovy. And, this is verified by the mysql table column: country_id displays NULL.
    * If I edit a record from the list.gsp and update the country column by selecting a country from the countries 0.3 pull-down the following is displayed in the country column:
    grails.plugins.countries.Country : 241
    * The value displayed above: 241 is persisted in the MySQL column: country_id.

    I can create an issue for this in Jira unless you have a solution.


  2. Stefan Armbruster Post author

    Hi David,
    are you using scaffolding for CRUD? If so, the behaviour is obvious since the plugin currently does not change the standard scaffolding.
    Regards, Stefan

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