Grails Neo4j plugin 0.3 released

Today I released an update of the Grails Neo4j plugin ( The main changes are:

  • compatibility with Grails 1.3.x. Be aware, Grails 1.3 – 1.3.3 are suffering from, so either use Grails 1.2.x, or be brave and use a recent git build of Grails 1.3.4.SNAPSHOT.
  • usage of Neo4j 1.1 (released today just a few hours ago, so get it while it’s hot).

All changes:

  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2302] – “home” link broken in the org.codehaus.groovy.grails.plugins.neo4j.Neo4jController views
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2303] – Problems with annotation Neo4jEntity
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2345] – upgrade to Neo4j 1.1
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2346] – <domainclass>.get() throws exception if id is not invalid
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2347] – <domainClass>.findAllBy<Field>(value) fails
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2349] – provide compatibility for Grails 1.3.x

7 replies on “Grails Neo4j plugin 0.3 released”

Great work with the plugin.

I’d like to add my own Relationships between nodes, e.g. User OWNS Book. How would this be done?



what do you mean in detail with “own relationships”? Generally the plugin currently provides not much flexibility in terms of adopting different mapping strategies. But you could checkout the sources and make your required changes there.

I mean additional relationship types, rather than the default hasMany, belongsTo, etc.

An example could be ‘UserA isFriendsWith UserB’.


Hi Stefan, I was doing integration testing, noticed that getting below exception, how do i wrap code in transaction?


Hi, first, thank you for your great work!

I’m wondering about something : is there any difference for getting the objects variables?
When I try to get an object variable stored in the graph, I receive a NULL value and when I use the default Grails datasource, I can get it.
For example in a simple domain class toString method:

String toString() {
“${family} ${versionNumber} (${versionName})”

For the rest, creating objects and browsing into the graph with the scaffold view is working, just this little problem.

Thank you in advance,

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