Grails Neo4j plugin 0.2.1 released

Today I released a minor update of the Grails Neo4j plugin. The changes are:

  • performance improvement by no longer calling map constructor in createInstanceForNode
  • fixed transaction handling by replacing interceptor with a “real” servlet filter
  • support for primitve arrays as properties in domain classes
  • bugfix: handling of bidirectional many-to-many relationships
  • bugfix: setProperties does no longer null out properties that have not been set
  • support for encodeAsXXXX methods from CodecsGrailsPlugin. In previous versions encoding did not work, since the ‘node’
    property of the domain classes could not be encoded (it’s a neo4j internal class!). Workaround: add getNode()==null method
    in AST transformation.

Everyone using the 0.2 release is recommended to upgrade.

13 replies on “Grails Neo4j plugin 0.2.1 released”

Hi Stefan,

I think I have a problem with the plugin: is there a trac-like site where you manage issues/bugs ?

Thank you very much!

Thanks! I have (now) been looking through that repository. I see the source code there, but I am in doubt about how I install the new plugin (“0.9-SNAPSHOT”) into my project. Is the plugin installable via “grails install-plugin”? Or do I have to build it myself? When I just run ” grails install-plugin neo4j” I get “Plugin neo4j-0.3.1-SNAPSHOT installed”.

Best Jon

Are there any updates we can expect. May I can contribute into the project. Is it on github?

I want to integrate neo4j in grails,can you please tell me the details of dependencies and how to setup a demo app for neo4j.


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