Grails Neo4j plugin 0.3 released

Today I released an update of the Grails Neo4j plugin ( The main changes are: compatibility with Grails 1.3.x. Be aware, Grails 1.3 – 1.3.3 are suffering from, so either use Grails 1.2.x, or be brave and use a recent git build of Grails 1.3.4.SNAPSHOT. usage of Neo4j 1.1 (released today just a few […]

Grails Neo4j plugin 0.2.1 released

Today I released a minor update of the Grails Neo4j plugin. The changes are: performance improvement by no longer calling map constructor in createInstanceForNode fixed transaction handling by replacing interceptor with a “real” servlet filter support for primitve arrays as properties in domain classes bugfix: handling of bidirectional many-to-many relationships bugfix: setProperties does no longer […]

Grails Neo4j plugin 0.2 released

Today an important update of the Grails Neo4j plugin has been released. Neo4j is a graph database, it’s main concepts are described in brevity in a previous post.¬† The plugin provides a convenient way to use Neo4j as a persistence layer for Grails domain classes. The key features / changes of this release are: domain […]

Example for using Neo4j with Grails

In reply to my today’s annoncement of the Neo4j Grails plugin, @StigLau asked me to provide an example for using the Neo4j Grails plugin. So here we go: Create your sample application:

Add the Neo4j plugin:

create some sample domain classes:

create a controller for the domain class

modify the domain […]