How to trick Eliot’s smart controller

Recently I’ve purchased a height adjustable Eliot desk. I’ve added the smart controller to it so it remembers my preferred settings. I really love its design and functionality.

However there is a pain point. To move the desk to a stored position you have to continously press a button as long as it moves. EU regulation 2006/42/EG mandates this, thus Eliot has to comply with it. I’d much more prefer if I just have to press only for an instant instead, e.g. “1” for my height setting while sitting and “2” while standing.

I did contact the very helpful and responsive folks of Eliot’s support team and they asked me to sign a liability exclusion. Once signed they did provide me instructions how to change the setup so it operates in “one touch” mode.
To remind myself and others on the procedure I have written it up here:

  1. put the desk into “reset” mode. This is described in the manual. Basically you move the dial wheel anticlockwise until lowest position is reached. Release it, move it anticlockwise again and hold it until “Reset” appears.
  2. While “Reset” is blinking press the “1” button until you see “10.1” in the display. Now the controller has changed its setup to “one touch” mode.
  3. Move the wheel again anti-clockwise to leave reset mode.
  4. Done.

To switch back to “permanent touch” mode apply the procedure again, instead you’ll see “10.2” instead of “10.1” in the display.

For completness I’ve added a video showing this.

Do this on your own risk.

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Thank you so much for this. I was really sad that i had to press the button the whole time but i also didnt want the app. This worked perfectly, thanks!!!

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