`LOAD CSV` without csv – introducing neo4j-csv-firehose

This blog post quickly introduces one of my side projects called neo4j-csv-firehose.

The goal is to enrich Cypher’s great `LOAD CSV` command by adding support for non-csv datasources. For now there’s the capability to use jdbc datasources. In future other sources might be added – think of json, xml, …

It features three deployment modes:

  1. unmanaged extension: a new endpoint in Neo4j server reads data and renders it into csv for consumption via `LOAD CSV`
  2. separate server: similar to above, but here the conversion is done outside Neo4j in a small undertow server
  3. URLStreamHandler: on JVM level direct support for `jdbc:` style URLs is added.

The project’s README should give you all you need to get started. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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